You don't need
to struggle

Proverbs 23:7 King James Version (KJV)
As a Man Thinketh in his heart (or MIND) ,
(whether we have a wrong or right perception)

Hi I'm Missy-

Did you know?

People living with ADD or ADHD have daily struggles. Many of which can be debilitating:

  • Trauma is one of the #1 things that causes fractions in the mind
  • A splintered mind is caused by a splintered heart
  • Warring spiritually through the word of God is the ONLY thing that will get you into wholeness & destiny
  • Jesus spent 30 years teaching me to war through prayer in a new way which developed my mind and propelled me into my dreams
  • Check out my teaching videos and blog teachings as I teach you how to war in such a lethal way enabling you to create a brand new future!

Are you ready to climb?

I would be honored if you joined me

"I want to teach people how to persevere during the most hellacious times in their lives and teach them how to climb out their "pits" and back into Glory."

-Missy Hood

Everybody has a position. It's what they were born to do. THIS IS what I WAS BORN to do

to knock the crap out of the devil and stand with others through their adversity so that they too could learn that same type of fortitude.

Teaching those in need to set their faces like flint against the fire-

so that the fire wouldn't burn them, but refine them and make them stronger than they ever thought they could be.

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I serve the "I AM"

He Knows me by name and He's known me before the foundations of the earth. I love like He loves- deeply unto death because greater love hath no man/woman who would lay their lives down for a friend.

My Mission

Having lost 40 jobs in 15 years (due to the ADHD condition) my journey has been one of heartbreaking determination, endurance; resilience and a “Keep on Keeping on attitude!” We just can’t quit! I’m here to prove to others like myself that they too can do anything with the right coping tools and relationship with Jesus. I say this because in order for Christ to help me overcome this condition I needed God to add His “super” to my “natural.”

Join me as I try to inspire you (through Christ on my life) to try (one more time) by applying new coping skills and by coaching you in how you can move into higher level learning. I believe these skills can offer ideas for children, teens, students, and adults still struggling to “tame their braino!” I believe these skills will teach folks (that struggle with the condition or not) how to create needed structure that can propel them into higher level education as well as career success.

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You Don't need to Struggle

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