Being Drawn to the Bad

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Have you ever wondered why you keep going to the same mountains in your life?  OR why things don’t seem to change OR why they might be seemingly getting more chaotic or dysfunctional?  

Hmmm- well the bible says that the “spirit bears witness with the spirit.”  What does that mean?  It means that “LIKE DRAWS LIKE.”  If your drawing dysfunction OR dysfunctional people then that also means your probably dysfunctional and in need of deep inner healing.  

Entering into a relationship with Jesus Christ will mean TOTAL transformation. Change that includes getting YOU healed.  Deliverance from the old ways of thinking/behaving or doing to the point to where even past relationships won’t recognize you by the time God finishes with you.  Have you ever been away from old friends for years (or a few) and then God will allow you to go back and visit, and you find that you have nothing in common with them anymore?  Do you want to know why?  God changed/healed/delivered/MATURED YOU, and YOU OUTGREW THEM.  You moved HIGHER into the spirit, and that usually means YOU have NO business looking backward.  

I have found that when I decide to move forward in my walk with Christ, there will be a high price to be paid. I have also found that most people aren’t willing to pay the same price that I had to pay to stand where I’m standing.  Pay what price you ask?  Well, when you decide that your’ going to be blessed by God and come up in the spirit your not only going to get God’s attention- your going to get the Devils as well!  So the devil will start sending his minions against you in your relationships, jobs, finances, marriages, HEALTH YOU NAME IT- the devil hates you and wants you to stop and stay RIGHT where you are by the spirit.  He doesn’t want you moving upward because the more you move UP in the things of the spirit of Jesus the MORE POWERFUL YOUR VESSEL becomes to beat the crap out of the devil. The result: When you’re full of Jesus THE DEVIL HAS TO BOW HIS KNEE ENTIRELY!  He LOSES ALL POWER over YOU, your family, your blessings and YOU GET TO WALK IN POWER AND PROSPERITY AGAIN without all the hassles!  

Sound enticing?  Yeah, I thought so too until I started getting batted around like a damned baseball by the devil.  Oh, it was loads of fun (kidding) when I lost jobs, and friends, family members, finances to the point that I got the point that the enemy hit me one day one time too many.  THEN I got ANGRY.  I GOT VERY VERY ANGRY, and I made up my mind that this so-called devil had just made me into a very VINDICTIVE WARRIOR for CHRIST.  It was at that point that I set my face to learn everything I could about prayer and warring (by the spirit) and to train up as many as would listen so that MANY would come into the Kingdom of Christ.  Every since that day I’ve never looked back but I continue (through Christ) to slaughter the devil and his demons on the battlefield of life with joy and a sense of knowing that one day I would get to stand before a holy God and hear “Well done good and faithful servant!”

The day that began to fight like this was the day the devil took my dad home unjustifiably, and I KNEW it was an early death assignment.  What the devil didn’t know was that I’m a very vindictive warrior in the Lord, and I won’t stop until our teams take every one of these little bastards out (demons) through prayer.  I know that sounds crass- OR UNGODLY- but I mean that with every fiber of my being.  And God has taught me much over the years as HE has brought me forward into the things of the His Kingdom.  Christ knows that I am ultra loyal to Him and his servants/children.  And He brought me out of SO much and blessed me beyond anything that I ever thought I would deserve.  

Christ is the most tender-hearted man/woman you could ever meet.  He’s so good that when He brings your spirit before Himself, you automatically bow in reverence because you sense the LOVE (God is Love) all around your being.  And when He brings your heart around His other warriors that love like He loves you KNOW you’re in a wonderful place because can’t nobody love you like Jesus.  Especially through those that love like He does.

Are you struggling with going back to the bad places today?  To your past?  You can’t move into your future if you stuck in the things of the past.  Come on – let me pray with you.

Lord- I’m struggling- I’m struggling with wanting to go back to what I know, what’s familiar- but I know I’m not happy there.  Father- I need YOU to deliver me/HEAL me TODAY in my mind/will/emotions, around the seven gates of my spiritual heart/around the 12 gates around my spiritual life.  So According to Luke 10:19 and Ex 15:6 I command the hand of God to DELIVER ME NOW! In Jesus name!

Missy Hood

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