Chaos: How the Devil Breeds It Around Us

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Ever met people that everywhere they seemed to go the curse seemed to follow them? The curse meant that their entire lives revolved around chaos, destruction and dysfunction and whomever they got into a relationship with got pulled into their chaos? If you try to show them the love they are so fear filled that their mistrust gets the best of them to where they try to sabotage any chances of the real order coming into their lives. Sabotage which occurs because of their inability to understand the difference between true love (Christ warm love) and the chaotic (cold love or dysfunction) going on in their worlds.

Do you want to know why? It’s because Chaos is a spirit (demonic) and where ever the devil goes he breeds trouble. It’s usually a strategy of the devil to go into a peace filled environment and stir up dissension. How do they do this:

It usually happens when there has been an individual that has come out of a very abusive background where parents raised them, or married to a spouse who was an abuser (verbally and emotionally). So their worldview or perception of daily life will be one of always seeing people argue or hurt each other. They’ve seen violence or physical abuse, and they’ve experienced betrayal or major trauma, to the point that their hearts have become called.

Then they come into peace filled environments and wonder why nobody likes them. It’s because nobody likes it when you disrupt their peace! Peace, at this day/time, is a rare commodity, and most of the world are operating in chaos. So much chaos that they don’t even know the difference anymore. They are/have become “thug like” having their conscience’s seared to where they think violence is the answer to everything. They treat others around them like dogs to be spat on without realizing that they (themselves) are casters of seed to be sown in their spiritual soils awaiting their next harvest. WE all live by a season of SEED + TIME = HARVEST. We move from faith to faith (whether its faith in Christ or the devil), but your seeds will either be sown for good/evil.

So seed sowing is critical in this hour as we move into deeper end times AND deeper (For Spirit Filled Christians) into the Presence of God. I have to feel sorry for those who have never known peace. I have a friend now (who I’ve prayed for for years) because we can’t help what we come out of family wise. We don’t choose our families as God chooses them for us. He knows what the calling is on each family that He is raising up and what tools/weapons of warfare He places into each member. He knows the gifts/callings on each vessel within that family and what type of fire it will take to sharpen each sword held by each member.

BUT- it’s up to each of us (as a family member) to choose Christ and HIS WAYS if we are to be healed and made whole from the sins of past generations. (Remember Generational Cursings can continue up to 1000 generations.)

But my friend (and I love her so much- she’s one of my best friends) because as hard as things have been in her family life, she never stops seeking Jesus for healing. And I’ve watched her grow and grow and become whole to the point to where I see the chaos diminish around her (Her vessel). Chaos doesn’t follow her anymore because she is quick to meet it at the door. She says “Hello Chaos- I’m sorry, but we aren’t taking Solicitations at this house but only peace, joy and love- So chaos- you need to choose a different house!” She is calmer, a great mom, an AWESOME friend because of the way she stands with Christ for her friends. She is a very present help in time of need and best of all SHE LOVES WARMLY just like Jesus.

So you see- it’s not that chaotic people mean to be bad people – they just have to be willing to seek Christ for their environments to change. The things of the spirit are VERY REAL, and the spiritual things (cursings) that we allow to continue in our lineage will either tear down or BUILD UP the future generations.

SO the bottom line to this post is that this conversation comes with an invitation in that I’m going to ask: Are you ready to get freed of the chaos? The Chaos created by fears of the past, or from past emotional abuse? Freed from rage issues, or control issues that plagued your forefathers? What about promiscuity? It’s all chaos doesn’t matter what you label it – sin is a sin, and Jesus wants to set you free today.

So here- pray this prayer with me:

Father- I LOVE IT when You come in to bring healing into my life! I LOVE MY FREEDOM! And I LOVE to see you MOVE! Seeing a Holy God move is OUTSTANDING! SO Lord, According to Luke 10:19 (Authority Scripture) and Ex 15:6 (Hand of God) I use the hand of God and I ask YOU, Lord, to reach way yy yy down into my mind, will & emotions and around the 7 spiritual gates of my heart and then around the walls of truth within my outer court, inner court and within the doorways of my spiritual Holy of Holies, and I ask you to curse all of these chaotic roots with Amos 2:8-9 and Matt 21:19. I command (through Jesus on my life) that all these chaotic roots/fruits to wither up and die so that I would be made whole! And JUST like you told the woman at the well you said “Go in peace daughter (or son) Your FAITH HAS MADE YOU WHOLE!

Missy Hood

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