NOT GOING BACKWARDS To what is Familiar

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You know- it’s a powerful thing as we’re moving through life when things/people cross your path and cause you to go backward.  Going backward occurs so subtly by the enemy of our souls that it seems like normal- it’s as though it would “meant to be” until you find yourself a huge Crapstorm wondering how you even got there. Demonic spiritual activity is just that subtle. Did you think the devil would just ride up on a huge horse introducing his plan to deceive you? He doesn’t work like that- because he’s the “Father of lies” and his main objective is to cause YOU to fail- if not take you out early from God’s preordained plan for your life.
WE get off track when we get into our flesh and try to force things down the path that WE want them to go- OR the direction that WE “Think” we should be moving in without realizing that God is the author/finisher of our faith. He’s the end and the beginning, and so He KNOWS what awaits us in the choices that we make for good/evil. It’s also why He will slam shut the doors sometimes to protect us from ourselves. OMG! There have been times in my life where I have gotten past something that I was trying SO dang hard to manipulate into happening- and the Lord simply- SHUT THE DOOR. Permanently. And when I got past the incident I have never been SO grateful! Because God truly does know if the thing we are asking for will be good for us or not, or if the person we are allowing in will harm us or not. God knows us just THAT well! He loves us that much too, and HE WILL NOT tolerate abuse of any kind against His children. He just won’t! And woe is the person who challenges Him. I pity those people because the person you never want to anger is the Lord! Yikes.
So what about you? Are you struggling with giving a certain something over to the Lord today? Is God challenging your choice? OR is He protecting you from YOU?!!!! Do you trust me enough with that certain something to pray with you about it not matter how it turns out? If so- then pray this prayer with me so that God can show you His will for this thing:
Lord- I’m sorry- but I just don’t want to have to hand this over because I’m afraid You won’t give it back to me. BUT- I know that Your Word says that You don’t ever give a snake or a scorpion but that You give good/perfect gifts. So that one promise is one that I’m going to put my trust. Lord, I know you love me- enough to look out for me even when I’m not looking out for myself. So today- I give you this thing/person in my heart/mind, and I leave it on Your altar and I SAY YOUR KINGDOM COME- YOUR WILL BE DONE- ON EARTH AS IT IS IN HEAVEN.

For many of you this has been a cycle – and TODAY with the Hand of God with Ex. 15:6 THIS THING IS BEING SHATTERED/BROKEN OFF IN JESUS NAME! NO MORE going around this mountain. 

Missy Hood

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