REDEEMING THE TIME/Removing the Cursings Over Your Life

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Do you know what “Redeeming the Time is?” Or what it means biblically? Redeeming the Time when your life has pretty much sucked up this point,(because of all the generational cursings operating over you based on Dt. 28) BUT getting better because of Jesus Christ in YOU. But things were/might still be hard because of Generational Cursings (Dt. 28).
Cursings as in, the sins of YOUR Fathers, relatives, that screwed up with God, hence causing a curse to fall down on your blood line sometimes for up to a 1000 generations.

Now- I don’t know about you, but I was already having a problem with old Adam/Eve in the Garden of Eden and their bumbling of the whole apple thing. Like to the point to when I get to heaven ole Adam, and I are going to have a “Come to Jesus” conversation. Because Adam put us all (ALL OF the MANKIND) under the curse of having to work by the sweat of our brow and all because he didn’t listen to God but to his WOMAN. See the power that women have over men……..amazing….just amazing….lol. But this whole working thing for mankind was caused by ADAM in his disobedience in eating from 1 tree he shouldn’t have. So back to topic at hand….cursings……..
Cursings are bad, but some of them are even worse dependent upon the sin committed. You see, Adam just ate from a particular tree of good/evil so that his eyes were opened to see impure things, and had he kept his eyesight pure- he would have never known about evil. Isn’t that interesting- to live your life so pure that you would never see evil but just the good? But Adam ended up paying a price for his actions, and not only did HE pay a price, each person born into the earth is locked into that cursed because Adam is the father of the nations/ then Abraham…but the curse still exists. Curses (the sins of your fathers/forefathers/generations past) can have an impact on your life (when you never even had anything to do with that particular sin) in your lifetime. But what do cursings “look like?” They look like people dying early in your family, of disease, or when they work and work and never seem to get ahead (poverty), cursings can also be through addictions, compulsions, divorce, abuse, just anything horribly bad that you see a pattern.

So- how do you stop a curse from continuing once you recognize that it’s there operating over your bloodline?

Pray this prayer after me: (I am going to have to make a list of all the patterns of early death assignments, where people died before their time in your lineage, where you see generations of poverty, disease, Abuse, Divorce, Occult practice, Rejection,Rebellion, Identity Disorder, Rage, Depression, Barrenness, Mental Illness, Realms of Insanity, Stubbornness, Pride, Bullying/perpetrator spirit, Victim Spirit, Addictions/compulsions) and the list could go on and on. So you fill in the blank with whatever the Lord drops into your heart as you read and pray this prayer.

Father, I renounce, rebuke, and nullify the generational cursings with Dt. 28 and Luke 10:19 of ____________________ (name your curse/curses), and I ask you to forgive me, and ALL my forefathers back to a 1000 generations who have opened up the door for these cursings to come in and I ask you NOW to SLAM SHUT that door with Rev 3:7 in Jesus Name and RESTORE ALL THAT WAS STOLEN FROM ME AND MY BLOODLINE!
(Let’s go a step further and get you blessed for all that you’ve been through because of stupid people)
Father and according to Luke 10:19 I call down all GENERATIONAL MANTLES AND BLESSINGS that were left unclaimed by ANY of my forefathers to be used in my life going forward and I thank you SO Much Lord for loving me enough to show me this! THIS TRULY GIVES MY HEART A REASON TO GIVE

Missy Hood

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