The Daughter of a King – Do You Understand Your Authority or WHO You Are?

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You know it’s funny that God would prompt me to edit this post. Originally, when I first posted it, God just prompted my spirit to post the image and honestly (at the time) I thought that was enough.

As the week has gone on the Holy Spirit has been impressing on me to talk about Esther. Now SHE was a queen of a King, the wife of a King and the daughter of a King (the Lord Jesus Christ). I often wonder what when through her mind as she went through the process of preparing herself to be queen. Every royal heart will always have to be prepared for the role that they will serve in otherwise they will fail. They will fail because when we go “unprepared” for anything in life, we have no foundation on which to stand. No foundation to stand on no strength, making your vessel flimsy going with whatever your flesh/emotions tell you to do. So it’s important to have your character set in stone/in place with a firmness like you’ve never known. You also need to know that the bigger the calling on a vessel the stronger its foundation will have to be SO the more “Process/character building” that vessel will have to go through to stand in the place God has predestined for them to stand in.

Everybody is so consumed with royalty when if the truth is known I would beg the question as to why I would look to someone else’s role/destiny without ever considering my own. Each person on this planet has a destiny/role with which to serve our King. Each position we hold is just as important as the next persons because I can’t do what you do and you aren’t equipped to do what my vessel is equipped to do. This is also why it’s SO important to fight off jealousy. Jealousy is such a pointless/meaningless emotion. Completely pointless and it’s an emotion that the devil LOVES to get us sucked into because he knows that each of our callings is so vastly different. So it’s such an overplaying of his cards (the devils) when he gets races to work against each other, or cultures or sexes when all along we are each called to greatness. We each are the children (if you are a believer in Christ), but we each are children (son/daughters) of a King.

So the next time you find yourself dealing with anger over what you’re missing in your life or why so and so has this or that and you don’t make yourself SAY STOP! Anger is the devil, and I’m getting sucked in by a pointless “green-eyed” monster because you nor I will ever be able to carry each other’s crosses. My vessel has been trained to carry the weight of my cross, and my spirit man has been conditioned (through spiritual weight training) to bear up with endurance for my cross. I haven’t been trained/prepared through the process to carry your cross, nor you mine.

So you see why it’s essential that we each KNOW WHO WE ARE AND WHO’S WE ARE? We are being moved from faith to faith and Glory to glory having our crosses illuminated as we come forward. The spiritual crowns that we each wear are invisible symbols to the devil of what he lost and settled for in the earth. His kingdom is temporary coming to an end while ours is continual moving and growing and getting bigger & stronger with every step we take forward in Christ.

We are being illuminated with glory while the devil and his followers are falling into more darkness, more decay.
So YES! I am the daughter of a King! A Mighty King, A King of Valor, A King without end…amen and amen.

Say this prayer with me:

Lord, I bow down before you (in your throne room) right here right now. Father there are SO many things I don’t understand about my life, about the difficulties I had along my pathway but I know that You do. And I just wanted You to know how very grateful I am for the cross You’ve given me to carry because mine could have been so much heavier than the one I currently bear. I am just so grateful for the way you made me and fashioned me to carry this cross. And Lord, please forgive me for not loving the life you’ve given to me. Help me to always be grateful for every day that I wake up and get to serve you as King one more day until I come home.

Missy Hood

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