What Happens to Students/Adults Who Can’t Create Structure/OR Apply Healthy Coping Skills

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I can only speak for myself in regards to what happens to those who can’t find/apply healthy coping skills to cope with ADD/ADHD. 

I would like to start by telling you that in my research I was dumbfounded to find out that out of ALL high school students diagnosed with ADD/ADHD – less than 12% graduate high school.  The rest move into construction/lower income jobs because they can’t move into higher level learning- yet these kids are brilliant! Out of that 12%, less than 7-8% go on to attain their BA- and even then- they struggle tremendously with college learning if they don’t have the right coping skills to implement so that they can move forward.  Out of that 7-8% ONLY 4% go on to attain their Masters, and less than 1.2% go on to ever attain their Ph.D.   (Kaminski, P. et al. 2006, pp.60-61)

I was so upset when I saw these numbers- because it was at that moment that I realized that according to all the numbers- I shouldn’t be standing where I’m standing.  So in reality- I was/am still a walking/talking miracle to be able to have moved into this level of education that I’m now studying in.

What many MANY people/society (AND those that struggle with ADD/ADHD) don’t realize is that they are coming out of highly structured environments (high schools- and within some family units that are functional to a point) where mandated structure is implemented for them.  This implementation occurs through forced deadlines and forced attendance where others are making the decisions for these students.  When a student goes to college, some students gravitate into college life easier than others (especially non-ADD/ADHD students) where they can create their structure. 

The structure is created around us with the skills in the way that we each cope with life.  A lot of people would call this part of the maturation process but to mature your brain has to be able to fire consistently which allows for the cognitive development.  A student’s brain that lacks cognitive ability, as well as emotionally maturity, does not progress as fast.  This maturation is also what allows the-the student to move into higher critical thinking abilities so that they can also move into higher level learning.

When the ADD/ADHD person’s brain is misfiring the Stop/Start process is what hinders that maturation process. Mis-firing causes the student to struggle in their learning because this stop/start process also hinders their ability to be continually focused when doing job/work tasks.

From the spiritual perspective, a wounded heart also creates a wounded mind- and gets the vessel/student/adult struggling with the ADD/ADHD condition stuck until they deal with the pains of the past.  The heart can’t move beyond the last trauma it encountered ( nor can change the mind) because of the “mindsets” instilled into place by the trauma. 

It’s like a “Groove”, if you will, in the mind and a groove that only Christ can heal.  The Bible says that “I am the Lord that healeth thee – and all those who come unto Me will never go away empty handed.”   So when I had gone through 40 jobs in 15 years and frustrated beyond belief, I finally realized that the problem was a little bigger than myself.  So I was forced to come to Christ so that He could heal my mind.

It is a Battlefield of the Mind mind you (as Joyce Meyers would say) and when we start to deal with the pains of our past can even begin to move into our future.

The only problem is that most people are so busy living a life that they don’t have time to deal with their heart conditions/pains of the past.  Most would rather just forget about it- but the heart never forgets- and nor does the subconscious mind. 

We usually only deal with our hearts/past when we hit rock bottom in a situation – or when Christ forces us to deal with the pain through the reality of the present. 

There are SO many people hurting today- they are literally dying to be loved (dying through alcohol, drugs, abuse (Physically, emotionally, verbally) and many have just given up on life.   To an ADD/ADHD person- these negative coping skills are just magnified by their hearts hurt.  Like- tripled- if you will causing triple the stress. Did you know that stress is the #1 trigger of ADD/ADHD?

Lucky us eh?  Damn.  So what do you do when you’re in need of deep inner healing, struggling with ADD/ADHD OR what do you do if you don’t struggle with this condition and are hurting? 

You run to Christ- as simple as that- and ask HIM to heal your heart/mind and the process ALL STARTS THERE.  How do I know- I’m living proof of this miracle working process.

I first encountered this supernatural, miracle-working process after my father died with I was 22 years old.  I was beside myself for the 1st year after his death- and was in deep depression, not to mention struggling with a severe undiagnosed condition of ADHD.  I was struggling in my relationships (with boyfriends, friends) and I didn’t know what the heck was wrong with me.  All I knew was that I was deeply grieving, and deeply hurting from the pains of my past.  (I had also walked through abuse – sexual, emotional, verbal and physical from people outside of my immediate family- relatives). Because of this condition, I guess relatives deemed me as being less worthy of love and respect, so instead I was abused by some of them.

This experience alone would prepare me to see a side of Christ that I had never seen in my entire life and this experience of walking in heaven would prepare me to help many others like myself. 

Come back next week when I talk about my “Heavenly Encounter”- BECAUSE ITS REAL! AND SO IS JESUS! AND HE LOVES YOU SO MUCH!  Just so VERY VERY MUCH!  ADHD or not!

Missy Hood

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